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Crown Point, IN


I am and have always been an artist. I officially became known as an artist in elementary school when I was selected, by default, to draw our class' open house project. At the time it was a large and a very important appointment for a third grader but it was that feeling of pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction which accompanied that first public art assignment that stayed with me. Of course this allowed other artistic opportunities to come my way throughout all of my school years affirming the decision to make my growing passion a career.

That career has varied over the years starting with my BA from Indiana University Bloomington in both drawing and graphic design. I worked in the graphic design field as an artist for a printer, a publisher and an advertising agency before having a family. I learned deadlines, how to get the job done and to communicate visually to satisfy the client. After a few years off with two young boys, I returned to the art field as an educator teaching art for grades K-8 plus after school specialty art classes. Without deadlines and client specifications, the fun and joy of creating artworks with kids revived my own childhood memories. As my boys have grown and left for college, I have redefined my art career again. I have always created art and I'm still teaching it but now I felt the desire to define and discover my own art.

A few years ago, I started back at the beginning, creating artwork by refocusing on the drawing media and skills which I have continued to study, practice, and strive to perfect. From color pencil to graphite, my tools of choice, I remain an artist discovering new subjects from evolving personal artistic perceptions. A graphic design education teaches how to grab a viewer in just a few seconds. A drawing education teaches how to hold the viewer with amazing artistic skill. An arts education teaches how to simply appreciate the view and I've always enjoyed the view.

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy my view of the world.
Pamela S. Clements


The Road Home by Pamela Clements


River Ducks by Pamela Clements


Up by Pamela Clements



Liquid Gold by Pamela Clements


Sun Spot by Pamela Clements


Wicked Weather by Pamela Clements


Good Night Kiss by Pamela Clements


Fall Mirror by Pamela Clements


Reflection Pass by Pamela Clements


Water Trail McCormick's Creek State Park by Pamela Clements


Steel Mill Sunset by Pamela Clements


Sea Oats Sunset by Pamela Clements


Indiana Dunes' Lake Michigan by Pamela Clements


Winter's Finale by Pamela Clements


Day is Done by Pamela Clements


Winter Waves by Pamela Clements


Chicago Sunset by Pamela Clements


Storm's Coming by Pamela Clements


Time Machine by Pamela Clements


Dandelion by Pamela Clements


Off Track by Pamela Clements


On The Rocks by Pamela Clements


Bartender Blues by Pamela Clements


Bottoms Up by Pamela Clements


Guardian of Spring by Pamela Clements


Geranium Home by Pamela Clements


Eye of Spring by Pamela Clements


Karen's Shoes by Pamela Clements


Orange Lily by Pamela Clements